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Must-visit of this month (or any of the remaining seven months): the temporary fashion musuem in Rotterdam. The museum underlines that fashion is not only a relic from the past that should be observed but also an important aspect of our twenty-first century daily lives that should be experienced. Give your own everyday outfit a moment’s thought and get a sense of its context in the history of Dutch fashion.

Fashion Archive

Visit Het Tijdelijk Modemuseum at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam.
From September 13th 2015 until May 8th 2016.


Fashion is Art

Have you seen Viktor&Rolf’s latest haute couture show yet? Their Wearable Art Collection once again shows the Dutch designers’ genius take on fashion.

The Modernist Individual – Normcore The Anti-Trend

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The German sociologist and philosopher Georg Simmel thought the biggest problem of modern life was the fight ‘to maintain the independence and individuality of [one’s] existence’. One aspect which made up his opinion was the ‘rationally calculated economic egoism’, something which appeared mainly in the metropolis, the bigger cities around the world. His ideas linked up perfectly with the ideas of Modernism, in which fragmentation (in this case the individual) was known as a negative phenomenon. The need to stand out from the crowd is a topic which is, although being accepted more easily, still controversial at this point in time.

The qualitative uniqueness which a cosmopolite person strives to obtain is found in our professional lives as our academic  backgrounds do not automatically lead to a good job; our additional activities which make us stand out from the crowd are much more important nowadays. An interesting development in presenting our individual self -which came to my mind while reading Simmel’s article- is the fashion movement normcore which arose in 2013. Essentially, the term means that you dress as plain as possible using simple designs and little colour, even wearing the same clothes by different sexes. People who dress according to the trend actually choose clothes which are undistinguished except for the visibility of the label which is used to impart prestige. Normcore could be seen as a direct reaction, or rather an anti-trend, to the obligatory need to stand out in today’s society.

It seems, therefore, that today the intellectual self has to be understood apart from our individual appearance which, as a subcategory, has indeed become much more complicated. I guess that Simmel would not have appreciated every aspect of the development of the individual up until today but he might just have liked to dress in a normcore fashion.


De nieuwste Mango campagne Lente/Zomer 2014.

Opnieuw een opvallende combinatie van beeld en tekst maar dan op een negatieve manier. Mooi beeld wordt hier volledig tenietgedaan door een slechte marketingafdeling die niet eens fatsoenlijk Nederlands kan schrijven. Ik haak af.

H&M Studio A/W 2014

Naast de grote luxe modehuizen showde ook H&M tijdens de Paris Fashion Week haar Studio collectie. Hier de video van de show zelf, de livestream bevat ook nog leuke interviews. Hoewel ik normaal fan ben van Parijse vrouwen, hadden ze de presentatrice Mademoiselle Agnes echter moeten vervangen voor iemand die wél Engels kan spreken.